Color with Me, Mom!


Book Synopsis
Moms have been coloring with their kids since the dawn of crayons, but never before has a coloring book been made specifically for this purpose. In the stunningly beautiful and innovative Color with Me, Mom!, you can easily color “side by side” with your child and create a beautiful scene together (you take one page, and your child gets the opposite page). Featuring fifty incredible artworks divided into kid-friendly chapters, such as Imagination, School, and Relationships, artist Hannah Davies has created a whimsical coloring journey that moms and kids will love to color . . . together. Accompanied by parenting advice from Child Psychologist, Dr. Jasmine Narayan, you can learn the best ways to connect with your child through coloring, conversation starters for kids who don’t easily share their feelings, and how to keep the conversation going. Quality time counts, and this is the perfect book for moms who want to connect with their children.
Book Details
Illustrator: Hannah Davies

Recommended age: 4 – 8 years

Print length: 128 pages

Dimensions: 10 x 0.5 x 10 inches

Publisher: Race Point Publishing

Publication date: April 15, 2016

ISBN-13: 978-1631061981

Perfectly crafted idea
@happy smile
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This book is not only great to enhance the special bond with your child; it is also very interesting and good for both mom and child to process daily things without feeling it forced or superficial. Planning also on using this book in therapy sessions. Highly recommended.
Great for a gift
@Appalachian GunSlinger
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Got as a gift. Great pictures. Gifted to sister. Her and my noece love the book and have spent countless hours together having fun coloring. Highly recommend this and other in the series.
Definitely worth the money
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My husband and daughter love it and it was a great side fathers days gift. It is such good quality and it is so much larger than expected! What a great value! Highly recommend
Couldn't be better!!
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This is by far a superior product to other Mommy &. Me coloring books I have purchased. After seeing one at my friend's house, I decided to look for one for my children and I and came across this one. It's high quality, very thick pages to where even markers don't bleed through to the other side, although my children and I prefer colored pencils. I love the side by side coloring. The Mommy side is more intricate, but not too where it takes me too long to finish. After we finished this book, I looked for another by the same person but there isn't another. So I purchased a different one and it doesn't even compare. If you're looking for a coloring book to spend some quality time with your little one, this is it. I highly recommend.
Brilliant book
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My partner was getting frustrated with our twin boys, age 5, when they would not hold a conversation with him as he got home from work. He was getting the usual response of "nothing" or "I don't remember" when he asked them what they had done at school. I bought them one of these books each and after a few weeks of using them they now greet him with "please could we do our special colouring with you daddy". The book is great, it comes with conversation hints to guide you and your child to talk about feelings and aspirations, alongside some fun colouring. I highly recommend.
You need to own this book
@D. Pearson
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Incredible. The first few pages that discuss what works and what doesn’t work when connecting with a child. As a speech pathologist, I absolutely loved this SO much. Asking a million questions while kids play is draining for the child. Instead, it discussing how an adult can add to the play by talking about what the child is doing like an announcer or actually playing with them. I’ve bought many books and activities like this and this is a gem! I wish there were other versions or a general one in addition to the draw with me DAD. A must buy for grandparents or any person trying to connect with their child. Of course not every child will love the activities but absolutely 5 star review!