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"I am passionate about helping parents and caregivers connect with the children they love. Art and coloring are beautiful ways for children to express themselves and process the world without ever having to say a word. Art and poetry are my go to forms of self-expression, both as a child and presently as an adult These books were inspired to help you create with your child and enhance your bond no matter what life’s circumstances bring."
“This book is not only great to enhance the special bond with your child; it is also very interesting and good for both mom and child to process daily things without feeling it forced or superficial. Planning also on using this book in therapy sessions. Highly recommended.”

-Happy Smile  ·  Amazon

My husband and daughter absolutely love this book. The first portion of the book gives conversation ideas and words of wisdom. The rest of the book is filled with cute drawings and prompts for drawing and having a meaningful chat.”

-Michelle  ·  Amazon

We had the color with me mom book and loved it so I got this one for my daughter and my mom to open on Christmas together. They color in it as a weekly date :)”

-A. Lasack  ·  Amazon


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